2020 World Qualifiers Documents

Tournaments for the 2020 World Qualifiers will be held over several weeks.  The exact dates of tournaments can be found in the APA Pool League app under events.
Locations are set to Pockets for most events as 10+ tables are needed for most events to complete them in a timely manner.  With state mandates currently being at 75% for restaurants, we only have 7 or 8 tables available at Pockets at this time.  Until the occupancy increases to 100%, events will have the potential of needing to span multiple days.  TriAnnuals may require a round to be played on Friday night so that we are still finished on Saturday or rounds will be held on Saturday and Sunday.  We are leaning toward Friday/Saturday so that you entire weekend is not devoted to TriAnnuals.
Below is where you can find any documents related to these events.  Those documents will include brackets, rosters, national rules for Vegas play, etc.
Good luck to all and if any issues or concerns, please reach out to Francee or send an email to fmoore@tarrantapa.com.  Thank you.