The APA 9-Ball Doubles Championship

2023 APA 9-Ball Doubles Tournament

·        Saturday, December 17, 2022

·        Registration: Online to open November 15, 2022

·        Location: Rusty’s  

·        Modified Single Elimination Format

·        Alternate Shot

·        One coach per team per game will be allowed.

·        Any combination of players with a combined skill level limit of 10.

·        A team must enter with a skill level of 10 or less. The team will be allowed to advance to the event in Las Vegas if their skill level increases to 11 or 12 by using a modified race chart. If their skill level increases to 13, a replacement of one or both players will have to be made to reduce the team skill level back to 10.

·        Maximum of 32 teams

·        Players must have at least twenty (20) 9-Ball scores within the last two (2) years by the entry deadline of December 9, 2022.

·        Players must have played at least four (4) times in the Fall Session in the League area the team represents.

·        Matches must be in the standard 9-Ball format.

·        Players must be on an active APA roster in any 9-Ball format in the League area the team represents.

·        Ladies may participate at their assigned skill level, even if that assigned skill level is lower than a skill level 3. All other players must participate at a skill level 3 or higher.

·        Preregistration is required.

·        Players may only participate on one team.

·        $75 Entry Fee per team

·        Points Must Win chart will be used.


Dates, times, and tournament rules are tentative and subject to change.