2022 Team Captains World Qualifier Tournament
June 18, 2022 @ 12 pm
@ Rusty's Billiards
7703 Camp Bowie W Blvd
Fort Worth 76116

WEDNESDAY, JUNE, 15, 2022 
Game Requirements - 
  • Must have been a captain for 2 of the 3 previous session.
  • Must have been captain by March 15th of the Spring session to count for this session.
  • Must play at highest skill level whether it is 8 ball or 9 ball.

Game Rules

  • A maximum of 5 players allowed on roster.
  • Teams may choose any 3 of the 5 team members to participate in each match.
  • The total of the skill levels of the 3 players fielded in any team match cannot exceed 15.
  • Teams may play two players whose combined skill levels do not exceed 11, and forfeit the third match.
  • A player’s highest skill level (SL) in this tournament will be the highest of either the player’s skill level in 8-Ball or 9-Ball, unless the player is a SL8 or a SL9 in either format in which case their skill level in this tournament will be a SL7.
  • Only one player of skill level 6 or higher, sometimes referred to as a senior skill level player, may play in any given match.
  • If a team only has two players eligible to play in a match, the player with the highest skill level must be in the third spot. The remaining player may choose the first or second spot, and the team will forfeit the spot in the rotation left vacant.
  • Each team is limited to one coaching time-out per game.
  • Alternate between 8-Ball & 9-Ball racks, starting with 8-Ball.
  • Each individual rack is worth one team point.
  • Team Captains flip a coin to decide who must declare their three players for the match first. Winner of the flip has the choice of declaring first or having the opposing Team Captain choose first.
  • The players are listed in ascending order (lowest to highest). That list determines the player rotation, and is locked for the match. Once both teams in a match have declared their players, the players cannot be changed unless the combined skill levels of the three players declared by a team exceed the maximum permitted combined skill level in which case the team will be allowed to declare three different players prior to first rack being struck.
  • Players of same skill level may be placed in order of preference.
  • Players lag to see who wins the first break.
  • Once the first two players have completed their rack of 8-Ball, the second two players in the rotation will play a rack of 9-Ball. Upon that rack’s completion, the next two players in the rotation will play a rack of 8-Ball.  Once set, the player rotation continues until a team reaches the required points necessary to win the match.
  • For a 9-Ball game, the individual rack is over when the 9-ball is legally pocketed.
  • The winning team breaks with the next player in the rotation after each rack.
  • It is a loss of game to shoot out of rotation.  Although it is sportsmanlike for the non-offending team to remind the other team that they are about to play a player out of rotation, they are not required to do so.  However, before any infraction has occurred, the team that has posted a player out of rotation may avoid penalty by asking the non-offending team which player’s turn it is in the rotation.  In that circumstance, the team must tell them the truth, and the correct player in the rotation will assume their rightful spot in the game.  Once the offending team has taken a shot out of rotation, the infraction has occurred, the game is over, and the sitting team will receive one point for the rack.  Both teams will then move to the next game in the match, with players in the correct rotation.  However, if the game is completed without the non-offending team calling the infraction, and the next rack is broken, the results of previous rack will stand, and the team that shot out of rotation will assume the new rotation for the remainder of the match.